December 20th, 2010-December 30th, 2010 From New Jersey to Hawaii!

Posted January 18th, 2011

From December 20, 2010- December 29, 2010 I went to Arizona, Nevada, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii. I and my family were originally supposed to go to Nairobi, Kenya. However, the snowy situation in Europe made that impossible.

December 20th, 2010: Therefore, instead my family went to Phoenix, Arizona instead and would eventually decide from there. When we arrived in Phoenix our plan was to leave on the 21st of December in 2010 to go to the Cayman Islands.

December 21st , 2010: Flights to Houston are full which was where our stop was in order to get to the Cayman Islands. We drove to the Grand Canyon instead. At the Grand Canyon it was very Foggy and Rainy, therefore we couldn’t see the bottom. My family had some lunch at Wendy’s. After visiting the Grand Canyon, we drove another 3.5 hours to Las Vegas hoping to make a flight to the Cayman Islands the next day on the 22nd. When we arrived we went to take a stroll down The STRIP ( Las Vegas BLVD) and ate at Panda Express.  My family stayed at New York New York Hotel and Casino for the night.

December 22nd , 2010: My family and I went to the Airplane Shop to get me some model airplanes. Then we went and had lunch/breakfast at the Texas Station casino/resort buffet. We visited my Aunt Nadia hoping she wouldn’t keep on talking non-sense. The only reason we visited her was because we thought my uncle was back from his service in Afghanistan We lied to her about us being at the airport all night because we figured out the flights were full to Houston again! We stayed at Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort.

December 23rd , 2010: 1 hour after my family left my aunt’s house on Wednesday, my uncle Sultan arrived at the airport. He left my mom a message. My family and I visited him and my aunt again then we left Las Vegas and had some lunch at a buffet just outside Vegas. My family decided to depart for Honolulu, Hawaii from Orange County, California. We drove for 4 hours to Buena Park, California and visited my Uncle Zia and his family. Fortunately my aunt Lilomah and her kids and my grandma Hajia were vacationing there too. They were at my Uncle Zia’s house. At about 10 PM, we left my Uncle Zia’s house and went to my Uncle Homayoon’s house to see him and stay for the night.

December 24th , 2010: At about 6 AM we headed to Orange County airport to get to Honolulu, Hawaii. Fortunately, the flight wasn’t fully booked and we fit. When my family arrived in Honolulu we found out that 2 of my cousins were vacationing there at the same time. My cousin Omar drove us to  a good hotel that my cousin Jacob was staying at. My dad took an hour nap compared to the 5 hour nap on the plane. My mom, sister, and I went to get supplies for Waikiki beach which was across from my hotel. After we got the equipment, my sister and I woke up my dad and we all headed for the beach. I swam in the ocean and my sister kept on splashing. I got kind of freaked out when I saw fish swimming beside me. I almost got out of the water when I saw that. For dinner we ate at Denny’s. Finally we came back and slept at The Pacific Beach Hotel.

December 25th , 2010: It was Christmas day and my family rented a Ford Mustang and drove around the whole island of Oahu. We ate fish and chips for lunch. We stopped at several beaches and at Obama’s hometown of Kailua. I saw where the Obamas get their snow cones from every day. When we made a full circle around the Island, we came back and climbed Diamond Head Crater. Earlier this morning my dad and I had jogged to the crater from our hotel which took about 3 hours. After climbing Diamond head, my family  had dinner with my cousins and came back to our hotel for the night.

December 26th , 2010: My family and I returned the rental car and from there we had lunch at Chinatown Express. After that we did some shopping and my dad went back to our hotel along with my sister and took a 2.5 hour nap. Me and my mom came to get my dad and sister and then we had  dinner at McDonald’s.

December 27th , 2010: My family and I had lunch at Burger King. Then we all went to take one last dip at the beach. My dad went back to the hotel to take a nap for 2 hours while my mom, sister, and I did some more shopping. At 5 PM we left the hotel for the Airport. We had a flight to Newark, however it got cancelled due to some severe snow situations at the airport. Therefore we got lucky enough to get a flight to Houston.

December 28th , 2010: We arrived at Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport at 7 AM. The flights to Newark were half cancelled. Therefore we had to find an alternative. Fortunately we found a flight to Cincinnati, Ohio. We arrived in Cincinnati around 8 PM, however we were stuck waiting for our baggage cause the baggage claim was so old and cheap. From Cincinnati we drove to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and stayed there for the night.

December 29th , 2010: We drove all the way to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and returned our rental car and picked up our car. The snow was actually real bad. It took us 5 hours to drive to our house in Egg Harbor City, NJ which was only 2 hours away.

December 30th , 2010: We slept in and had some relatives visit from Canada around 8 PM.




January 14th, 2011-January 16th, 2011 Trip to Canada

Posted January 19th, 2011

From January 14th, 2010 – January 16th, 2010, my family and I went to Canada.

January 14th, 2010: My family and I drove to Newark Liberty International Airport which was about 2 hours away to take a flight to Toronto, Canada. We arrived at 10 PM and rented a Jeep Liberty from Alamo rent-a-car. Then we drove to Niagara Falls, Canada and arrived there at 12:18 AM. We drove around for a while and my dad took a stroll down the side of the Falls. Finally, we got a room at Hilton Niagara Fallsview Hotel.

January 15th, 2010: We woke up at 9 AM and my dad was jogging by the side of the falls. Then we went swimming at the pool and used the amazing water slide. Then we drove to Toronto, Canada again and did some shopping for traditional Afghan groceries. Finally we went to see family and stayed over ones house. The person’s house we stayed at was pretty fun. They had this extremely funny video of this weird lady who my uncle had driven to work.

January 16th, 2010: We woke up at 9 AM and left our relatives house at 11 AM. From there we saw this amazing Chinese Mall. It had a lot of things at amazingly cheap prices. Then my parents bought me my favorite desert. Finally we headed to the airport and almost missed our flight because of the never ending terminal. We arrived back at the airport at 8 PM and home at 11:30 PM cause of us having to pick up our car and picking up the luggage. 

March 10th, 2011- March 13th, 2011 Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Posted March 25th, 2011

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