Kings ordered left to right. Numbers are beside them.

Before all of these kings afghanistan was called Ariana and its 1st ever king was King Yama back in 2500-2000 bce.

0.Mirwais Khan started it all. 1st king below

1.Ahmad Shah Durrani 1747-1772

6.Amir Dost Mohammad khan 1823-1863

9.Amir Mohammad Yaqub Khan 1879

11.Habibullah Khan 1901-1919

Habibullah Kalakani January 17, 1929- October 13, 1929

14.Nadir Shah 1929-1933

Iranian Kings

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi 1941-1979

 Died 1980 at the age of 60 from Lymphatic cancer from not getting proper treatment.  I consider him the best king modern Iran has ever had. During his reign both men and woman got educated. He really modernized Iran until the exiled leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, whom who had been exiled cause of his extremist beliefs, toppled him. His twin sister is still alive and so is his wife and the rest of the family. 

07 Jaanaan.mp3

Afghanistan Kings 

2.Timur Shah Durrani 1772-1793

4.Mahmoud Shah Durrani 1801-1818 No Picture

7.Sher Ali Khan 1863-1879

12.Amanullah Khan 1919-1929 

15.Mohammad Zahir Shah 1933-1973 died 2007 Last king of Afghanistan

3.Zaman Shah Durrani 1793-1800

5.Shuja Shah Durrani until 1847 (Final Durrani King)

8.Mohammad Afzal Khan 1866-1867

 10.Amir Abdur Rahman Khan August 11, 1880- October 3rd, 1901

13.Inayatullah Khan January 14, 1929- January 17, 1929

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