Afghanistan Famous Queens

 Queen Soraya of Afghanistan 1919-1929


Iran Queens

Queen Fawzia and also known as Princess Fawzia of Egypt.

1941-1948 (the shah and her got a divorce) She is currently alive born 1921.

Queen Soraya!

Soraya was queen from 1949 until she got in a fight with the king's mother and got a divorce in 1955. 

born: 1932

died: 2001

Empress (Shahbanou) Farah Pahlavi

The shah of Iran's 3rd and final wife. Empress Farah really helped out the shah and the nation. She did a lot of things for Iran. With the king she had 4 children in addition to the shah's 1 child with Fawzia. 

born: 1938 Currently alive. 

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